Good news! In 2014 the Code Mesh Conference will take place on 4-5 November at the ILEC Conference Centre in London. The tutorials day is scheduled for the 3rd of November. We'll be updating the website with more info as the date gets closer, so keep an eye on this site!

"Code Mesh is a EuroGeek's Xmas, but one where all the speakers & attendees presents are fancy Lego sets (not socks)".

Carin Meier

Keynote: The Joy of Flying Robots with Clojure Has a thing for Clojure and Robots Neo

José Valim

Keynote: 50 Shades of Green Ecto: A language integrated query for Elixir Creator of Elixir, Ruby Rockstar Plataformatec

Dave Thomas

Keynote: 50 Shades of Green Tutorial: Programming Elixir Pragmatic Programmer turned Publisher

Jonas Bonér

Keynote: Going Reactive, New and Old ideas for your 21st century architectures Akka Creator, Co-Founder and CTO @ Typesafe

Bodil Stokke

Keynote: The Mess We've Made Creator of the Catnip IDE Future Ad Labs

Tim Williams

Haskell at Barclays: Exotic Tools for Exotic Trades Haskell Developer @ Quantitative Analytics Equity Derivatives Group Barclays

Dean Wampler

What's Ahead for Big Data? Data-Centric Functional Programmer, O'Reilly Author Typesafe

Bruce Tate

Snake Bitten - Danger and Misfortune in the Evolution of Programming Languages Author of 7 Languages in 7 Weeks Sentient Services

Joe Armstrong

Fault Tolerance 101 Co-inventor of Erlang Ericsson

Amanda Laucher

Graph database FP languages expert Neo4j

Kresten Krab Thorup

Erjang - With the JVM under the Hood Hacker, CTO @ Trifork

Garrett Smith

Software As Biology Creator of e2 and the MongoDB is Web Scale Videos CloudBees

Simon Marlow

The Haxl Project at Facebook Spécialiste Haskell Facebook

Francesco Cesarini

Keynote: Going Reactive, New and Old ideas for your 21st century architectures Founder of Erlang Solutions and O'Reilly Author Erlang Solutions

Cliff Click

An API for Distributed Computing CTO and Co-Founder of 0xdata

Torben Hoffmann

Game of Threads - You Spawn or You Die Chief Technology Priest Erlang Solutions

Susan Potter

Functional Algebra by Example Software Heretic

Darren Hobbs

When your only Hammer is a Keyboard, Everything looks like a Tool Practical Polyglot Programmer Solo Capital Partners

Phillip Trelford

F# for Trading Games Dev gone Enterprise Trayport Limited

Lance Walton

Building a Trading Platform in 6 Weeks in an Organisation That Would Really Rather We Didn't Developer, Organisational Dysfunction Wrangler Underscore

Omer Kilic

Tutotial: Tinkering with the Raspberry Pi using Erlang Embedded Systems Hacker Erlang Solutions

Erik Hinton

Haskell in the Newsroom Interactive News Developer The New York Times

Eleanor McHugh

Tutorial: Google Go - Fast, Lean, Scalable and Fun Digital Romances in Ruby and Go Writer Games with Brains

Alvaro Videla

Building a Distributed Data Ingestion System with RabbitMQ Developer Advocate for RabbitMQ Pivotal

Viktor Klang

Fighting Bit Rot with your Mind Director of Engineering at Typesafe Inc.

Deepak Giridharagopal

PuppetDB: A Story of Immutable Infrastructure Director of Engineering Puppet Labs


Syntax Matters - What Programmers can learn from the World of Linguistics V.P. of Research & Development Ubiquiti Networks

Simon Willnauer

With a Hammer in your Hand… Elasticsearch Code Guide Lead Elasticsearch

Edwin Brady

Idris: Programming with Dependent Types Programming Language Researcher and Hacker University of St Andrews

Felix Klock II

Rust: Safe Systems Programming with the Fun of FP Research Engineer, Language Enthusiast Mozilla

William E. Byrd

Meta-Programming in Logic Programming Co-creator of miniKanren University of Utah

Nada Amin

Meta-Programming in Logic Programming Doctoral student at EPFL

Jessica Kerr

When Code Reacts to Data Scala Developer

Yan Cui

F# in Social Gaming Social Gaming, F#, Cloud Developer GameSys

Joel Jacobson

Data Types for Eventually Consistent Databases Software Engineer Basho

Peer Stritzinger

Grisp: Building Space Ships With Erlang Entrepreneur, Erlang Embedded and Automotive Expert

Simon Thompson

Refactoring Functional Programs: Past and Future Teacher, Researcher and Writer University of Kent

Gregory Young

Querying Events Daily Creator or Near Legacy Code Event Store

Andreas Olofsson

Are You Ready for 1000-Way Parallelism on a Single Chip? Epiphany/Parallella Architect, Founder of Adapteva

David Turner

The History of Lazy Functional Programming Languages Designer of Miranda, SASL and KRC University of Kent & Middlesex University

Martin Thompson

Practicing at the Cutting Edge: Learning and Unlearning about Performance High-Performance & Low-Latency Computing Specialist Real Logic

Timothy Baldridge

Clojure Core.Async Clojure Developer Cognitect Inc.

Klaus Trainer

Apache CouchDB Internals, Now and Then CouchDB contributor Ubilabs

Andrea Magnorsky

Hidden Gems of Everyday Game Development with C# Aspiring Magician BatCat Games

Matthew Podwysocki

End to End Reactive Programming Software developer and Rx Pusher Microsoft

Sam Aaron

The Programming Language as a Musical Instrument A Communicative Programmer Meta-eX

Mark Needham

Exploring Football Data and Ranking Systems with Clojure, Neo4j and Friends Support Engineer, helping people embrace graphs Neo Technology

Jan Macháček

Akka in Heterogenous Environments Technical Director Cake Solutions

Anthony Brown

F# for Fun and Games Independent Games Developer